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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Tips to Have Healthy Heart.

Tips to Have Healthy Heart

The first and foremost among heart health tips is that better lifestyle habits can help you reduce your risk for heart attack.

You are what you eat.

Better food habits can help you reduce your risk for heart attack.

A healthy eating plan means choosing the right foods to eat and preparing foods in a healthy way.

One of the major risk factors for heart disease is obesity.

Fluctuating weight caused by fad diets that allow a person to lose 20 pounds, but then gain it all back, are believed to put additional stress on the heart.

Weight control throughout one’s entire lifespan is the healthiest choice for the heart.

The major causes of heart disease and other heart problems include: being overweight, lack of exercise, high cholesterol, high blood pressure high levels of homocysteine and lipoprotein.

All these conditions cause damage to the blood vessel lining, and this damage does not help create enough NO.

More NO can be created and damage can be repaired through exercise and nutrition.

Gingko Biloba improves circulation by dilating the blood vessels and is believed to protect the arterial walls.

Green Tea has been used for weight loss, as a diuretic and is believed to prevent platelet aggregation, this is the technical term for materials in the blood that bind together and eventually form blood clots.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide.

Some herbs, minerals and vitamins that increase energy levels and stabilize them throughout the day include Green Tea, folic acid, magnesium, vitamin C and the B vitamins.

These nutrients serve many unique functions in the body, but all

are necessary for energy levels adequate to improve physical activity levels.

Take a few deep breaths we tap into Serenity.

Simple yoga stretches during the day will release stress. Support from our colleagues will also diffuse our stress.

Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water.Take an outdoor break or work out break during the day, be certain that you take time to give yourself a break between producing results. (more on transition time and rituals later).

Strengthen the immune system with a balanced diet.

Vegetables and fruits are important all 365 days of theyear.

Look for fresh produce and seasonal items, as far as possible.

Steam cooks the veggies if you can't eat them raw due to cold weather.

Hot broths and cooked vegetable salads can be a part of a healthy meal.

This is a daily health tip which you can practice as you make your morning cup of coffee or tea.

Stand sideways.

Put one hand on your kitchen counter.

Lift the outside leg straight out in front of you, keeping it extended.

With your upper body straight, hold for a few seconds and move it to the side.

Hold and extend it behind you. Repeat 5 to 10 times with each legs.

Exercise can improve a womans heart health by strengthening the cardiovascular system, and facilitating the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells and tissues.

It also helps relieve stress and boosts immune function, which can help ward off heart disease and other health complications.

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Author: Alley Smith

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