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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Reduce High Cholesterol, Ways to Lower High Cholesterol

Reduce High Cholesterol, Ways to Lower High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is a common condition that affects both men and women. Since high cholesterol can cause a person to experience heart disease, and ultimately in some cases, death, it is so important to try to lower it. What many people do not realize is that reducing cholesterol can be as easy as eating the right foods.

Cholesterol either LDL or HDL. LDL, i.e. low-density lipoprotein is the harmful cholesterol. HDL, i.e. high-density lipoprotein is the beneficial cholesterol. Our health is improved when we reduce our LDL level and increase our HDL level. An elevated LDL cholesterol level can result in heart disease which kills a third of us and takes 10-15 years off our average life-span. High blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides can lead to arteriosclerosis, i.e. hardening of the arteries that results in less blood flow and so less oxygen for our cells and tissues.

One can effectively reduce cholesterol by adopting a healthy eating lifestyle. Healthy eating means balanced eating; it involves choosing food from different food groups such as lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, pasta, rice, noodles, lot of vegetables and salads. A vegetarian person can take meat alternatives like beans, nuts, legumes or lentils. One should plan his/her meal sensibly to reduce cholesterol. It is better to use oils such as sunflower, canola, soybean, olive, peanut rather than coconut oil and palm oil for cooking or frying.

Your doctor will advise you to reduce cholesterol in your body in case you cholesterol is show above 200mg/dl. Having high cholesterol can lead many health complication hear failure and stroke for example. Cholesterol problem tends to be health problem

for much people. So to protect is much safer than to cure even in fast action. Below will talk about how to reduce cholesterol before cholesterol problem develop to more complicate health problem such as heart disease and hypertension.

The most important step when it comes to reducing cholesterol is diet. What you eat and how it is prepared has a big impact on blood cholesterol levels, and the thing that affects it the most is not what you may think. There was a time when a low cholesterol diet meant avoiding any food that had cholesterol in it. This made for a limited diet that many people just didn’t want to follow because all sources of food derived from animals has cholesterol in it.

The natural way to reduce cholesterol will be to do something physical everyday. A person can do brisk walking every other day while those in between can be working up some sweat in the gym while working on the weight machines.

Cholesterol is a naturally occurring substance. So too are the nutrients that can be used to reduce cholesterol naturally. There are a variety of different naturally occurring minerals that dispose of excess cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol buildup, as well as increasing your good cholesterol levels. When you add these nutrients into your diet regularly, your bad cholesterol will start to lower and your good cholesterol will increase. All of this can occur without any side effects at all, making it an effective way to reduce your cholesterol levels over time as well as your risk for coronary heart disease.

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