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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Altering Medication

Altering Medication should you be taking it?

You are aware that high cholesterol can be very dangerous to your heart disease

and you will find that other serious health problems like a stroke.

You will find that the doctor will suggest that you change your diet and

lifestyle, but then there are some people are just need a little more.

Lipid is a drug that is prescribed to those who have high cholesterol and keep

it under control and keeping it under control. When it comes to the LDL

cholesterol and triglycerides you will find just what undesirable lipids are


If you have lipids that are undesirable can cause you to have a serious medical


If you are at risk, you may want to talk to your doctor, because there is no way

for you to judge your cholesterol without getting tested.

If you are at risk, you may be able to get what’s best for you and a situation

like this; a situation that you correct.

Some of the prescriptions that you can get for high lipids include meds like

statins and fibrates, not to mention cholesterol adsorption inhibitors.

Statins lower cholesterol and assist in the prevention of cholesterol being

produced within the body.

Fibrates are commonly prescribed with them and you’ll be able to use the lipid-

lowering meds to help you eliminate triglycerides from your body.

There are a few different types of fibrates, but gemfibrozil is most commonly

prescribed because it is the most effective one that has the fewest possible

side effects.

If you use cholesterol absorption inhibitors, you will find that you can have a

good start to a long fight against high cholesterol.

They are safer for people who have had trouble with side effects of statins and

are looking for an alternative.
It lowers triglycerides and significantly reduces levels of bad cholesterol.

There are some people who simply prefer to have a more natural way of treating

their high lipids.

You will want to take some vitamins so that you can reduce your bad lipids, but

also increase your good cholesterol.

Niacin is a B vitamin that is taken in large doses in order to lower the total

cholesterol amount, triglycerides, and bad cholesterol, as well as increasing

the amount of good cholesterol.

This is something that you can take without prescription, but you will want to

just with your doctor about using these vitamins and you will not want to take

large amounts of them either.

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Your doctor should monitor you so that they can see if your body is responding

favorably and no additional problems arise.

You may also want to think about things like fiber and soy so that you are able

to find something natural for you to consume and help you with the bad lipids

that are in your body and blood.

Natural lipid medications and also prescriptions will help reduce a lot of your

bad cholesterol or lipids and it may save you from developing other diseases or


You will want to check everything out with your doctor before you begin taking


Vitamins should not be mixed with certain meds and that is why you will even

want to ask your doctor if you are able to take such vitamins.

John Caldecott.

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